Most of the parts are connected with screw and a few parts are designed with anti-reverse socket, which makes installation simple and safe. Multi-function expansion board with vertical slot structure as chassis of the vehicle, it is equipped with RGB lights, sensors, buzzers, various module interfaces and so on, Besides, it can drive 2 DC motors and 3 servos simultaneously. It can be controlled by IR remote control, Bluetooth and Android App. It supports multiple functions like line tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, following, light discoloration, singing, playing music, etc.
Try little complex programmable Robot using STEMbotik “Java Python Robot” 30 different kinds of experiment courses, JavaScript Graphical Programming and Python Programming using BBC micro:bit controllers. Innovate your own Robot by expanding your thinking abilities

What Do I Learn

JavaScript Graphical Programming
Python Programming.
micro:bit programming methods.
30 different kinds of experiment courses

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