He may be controlled by human voice. Do not use the remote control. Just press the power button and the robot will start do something you said and never get tired. In addition to cooking, there may be another magical feature. In the summer, the weather is very hot. At this time, you definitely want to drink a glass of juice. As long as you give orders, the robot will pick up the fruit and put it in his body. After a while, there will be juice to drink, and he can freeze the juice. The taste is more delicious. Robots also have a lot of magical features that allow you to enjoy a simple, fast lifestyle, and the future robots will become more excellent.
Using STEMbotik “C” Coding Robot kit, you will learn how to get started with Arduino programming using “C” language and Mixly block platform. Even the beginner with no coding experience can easily understand the graphical program. Take your brain on an inspiring journey through the world of programming and build your Robot to avoid an obstacle or follow a line or give commands through Bluetooth and several more functionalities with your own thought process

What Do I Learn

Twenty Two chapters covering detailed step by step instructions and functionalities
Fundamentals of Robotics.
Programming your Robot to avoid an obstacle using “C” language.
Programming your Robot to follow a line using “C” language
Open ended platform to design your own Robot

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